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What We Do

We offer comprehensive Naturopathic & Nutritional Consults by our team of Highly Trained and Experienced Practitioners. We only use the best Practitioner-Only Products and Custom Herbal Blends. We can also use a wide variety of Functional Tests to help take out the guesswork in our programmes. Our up-to-date Dietary and Lifestyle advice is also incorporated to give you the best possible health outcomes.

We look at the Root Causes of Illness, not just symptoms, to help our members with chronic diseases and reduce reliance on prescription drugs.

We are there every day of the week to provide you guidance and support throughout your journey to better health. We have no affiliation with any single company and our advice is always unbiased and objective.

How It Works

Our Naturopathic Consults are only $59, as we believe in making Health more Accessible.

We offer Online (Via Zoom) and In-Person Naturopathic & Nutritional Consults.

Products and Functional Tests are extra, however deliveries are always free of charge.

LayBuy is also available a methods of payment.


Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of Experienced and Qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Integrative Pharmacists based in Remuera, Auckland.

Our Mission is to empower people like you to overcome their health issues and improve quality of life using Holistic Fundamentals of Nutrition, Lifestyle and Natural Ingredients.


"The team at Urban Herbalist are exceptional and incredibly helpful while going above and beyond to support me in my health and wellness journey. The shop stocks the very best products, brands and supplements and the team are equipped with all the necessary advice to support your needs."

- A. Bowen

SEP 13 2018

I have worked with a few naturopaths/nutrtionists and after finding Jo and Khalid I can finally say I have found professionals who I trust completly. They have both been able to asist me with every health concern I have thrown at them. Jo has been able to succesfully clear my skin up
I live out of Auckland but they always go the extra mile to help me which is so nice as they have take the worry away when Im not feeling great. It is so nice to have caring people in this industry. I am so greatful. Thankyou Jo and Khalid.

- G. MacConaghie

Feb 20 2019

"A great store and products with very knowledgable staff to make sure you are getting the right products for your needs. They know what they are talking about!

- A. Campbell

15 MAY 2018, 14:42