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The Refill Bar


We offer a bespoke candle refill service. Simply drop off any used candle vessel, or something a bit more creative (see picture below) , pick your fragrance and it's back to you within a few days as a gorgeous new soy candle. Current fragrances of the season are:


Black Vanilla Tea

A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich dark black tea from the Assam region of India with an alluring addition of black orchid.

White Tea & Ginger

Relax with the warm soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk. Peony and hyacinth add a subtle component to the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lily creating a subtle captivating fragrance.

French Pear

The essence of apple crumble is captured with ripe pear notes and classic vanilla. Hints of star anise add a touch of sophistication to this enduring seasonal fragrance.


Your new summer fragrance has arrived!  Natural earthy notes merge with musk, patchouli and vanilla to take you right back to your most treasured beach experience.


Salted Caramel

As impossible to resist as it sounds. Experience the clash of sweet and salty for a refined gourmand fragrance that you will have to burn or you will want to eat it!