Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves Bath Time Fig And Licorice Fragrance Diffuser 200ml


Linden Leaves Bath Time Fig And Licorice Fragrance Diffuser is a long-lasting and  stylish way to fragrance your space. Linden Leaves room fragrance diffusers contain unique fragrant oil blends to offer a sense of ambience and gladness to your home or office.

This set contains Linden Leaves fig licorice fragrance oil blend in a white glass bottle, together with a removable white metal collar and 9 rattan diffuser sticks.

How to use: 

Linden Leaves diffusers can be used in rooms alongside each other without compromising the scent. For smaller spaces, or for a less intense fragrance, simply add less diffuser sticks. To intensify or refresh the fragrance, rotate the rattan sticks in the bottle, exposing the fully saturated ends to the air.

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