Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Green Verbena Fragrance Diffuser 100ml


Linden Leaves In Bloom Green Verbena Fragrance Diffuser is a treat for your senses. Gorgeous, crisp notes of verbena and bergamot with citrus highlights, blended over herbal middle notes with a touch of freesia and a clean woody cedar base.

How to use:

Linden Leaves diffusers can be used in rooms alongside each other without compromising the scent. For smaller spaces, or for a less intense fragrance, simply add less diffuser sticks. To intensify or refresh the fragrance, rotate the rattan sticks in the bottle, exposing the fully saturated ends to the air.


ethoxydiglycol, parfum (fragrance), benzyl benzoate*, citral*, limonene*, linalool*, alcohol denat.
*fragrance component

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