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Misty Day Plant Potions Cosmic Brew 50g

Misty Day Plant Potions

Misty Day Plant Potions Cosmic Brew 50g

$35.00 NZD

Misty Day Plant Potions Cosmic Brew

A Nourishing spicy blue brew to light up your senses and brighten your cosmos.

The super antioxident attributes of blue spirulina extract blend with the fiery power of ginger and adaptogenic qualities of tulsi to create and bright blue magickal tonix elixir.

Cosmic Brew is all about getting in some enchanted cosmic charged nutrition to prime your body and spirit for a fruitful day.


Add one level teaspoon to hot milk. Add your sweetner of choice and mix well. Can also be added to smoothies/juices, baking or desserts.


Coconut milk powder, Pineapple powder, Blue spirulina Extract, Ginger, Tulsi powder, Stevia, Himalayan sea salt.

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