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Misty Day Plant Potions Detox Brew 50g

Misty Day Plant Potions

Misty Day Plant Potions Detox Brew 50g

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Misty Day Plant Potions Detox Brew

Black as night, this blend gently guides toxins back into the misty abyss.

Activated charcoal forms the basis of this brew, with its powers of magnetism that attract and draw toxins away to help you feel your best self.

Detox brew is for when one wine turned into ten and thus the day after is not as grand as the night before. May also be the tipple of choice if your gut doesn't feel itself.


Add one level teaspoon to hot milk. Add your sweetener of choice and mix well. Can also be added to smoothies/juices, baking or desserts.May absorb essential medications - do not take within 2 hours of medication or supplements. Can be taken up to three times a week.


Activated coconut charcoal, Raw Criollo cacao, coconut milk powder, cinnamon, stevia, himalayan sea salt, cayenne.


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