Not only do we stock beautiful natural skincare brands and have an amazing candle refilling service, but we're also very passionate about your health and wellbeing! Khalid Ghanima is an NZ registered Pharmacist and Joanna Vinsen is a registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist. Together, we offer you up-to-date, evidence-based advice, practitioner-strength supplements and customised health plans to make you look and feel the best you can!
We stock premium, Practitioner-only brands such as Bioceuticals, Metagenics, Douglas Laboratories, Salvesterol, Mito Q, Biomedica, Integra Nutritionals and more. We're always researching and updating our knowledge on the best ways to improve your health and we'd love to tackle any questions you throw at us! So come in and have a chat with Khalid in the store or book yourself a free 15-minute mini-consultation with Joanna and start your journey to optimal health today. 


Khalid Ghanima

BPharm (Bachelor Of Pharmacy) After finishing his Bachelor of Pharmacy, Khalid developed a passion for Integrative Medicine and developing a holistic approach to health and wellness. After working in pharmacy since he was 16, Khalid took an diferent route in his career, leading him to the birth of the Urban Herbalist. The founding of the Urban Herbalist enabled Khalid to focus on what he enjoyed the most, helping people live to their fullness in health.

Joanna Vinsen

BNatMed HbT (Bachelor Natural Medicine) “I am a great believer in the body's ability to heal itself given the right conditions and support. I believe treating the "cause" of a health issue is key.” Joanna is a degree qualified and registered naturopath and medical herbalist with a special interest in sleep, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression. There have been many changes over the years in the way the public and health professionals perceive the practice of natural medicine. Nowadays, Naturopath’s have strong science based qualifications, belong to governing bodies, follow strict principles of practice, and work in closely with other practitioners. More people are reaching out to natural medicine to support them to optimal health, and natural medicine has never been more vital as more people take responsibility for their own health. Jo believes there has been a worldwide swing to this way of thinking. Jo is also passionate about supporting Alumni through her work on the Board. A naturopathic healthcare model treats the cause of an issue, and emphasises prevention and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods, functional testing, herbs, supplements, nutrition and life style changes to encourage the body's natural healing abilities towards balance. Joanna graduated from the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine as one of the inaugural graduate practitioners, with a degree in Natural Medicine. In the years since, Joanna has worked in a busy multi-disciplinary natural medicine clinic, has traveled for a multinational pharmaceutical company, created a range of herb teas and recently located her practice to Orakei. Jo is now on the Board of Governance of SPCNM and is a staunch supporter of natural medicine as a valid and viable healthcare model.