You are not alone in your journey to better health and wellbeing.
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The team at Urban Herbalist are here to empower and support people like you to overcome your health challenges and improve your quality of life. Using our expertise on the holistic health fundamentals of nutrition, lifestyle, and natural ingredients, we can give you step by step guidance on how to feel better.
Whether you are grappling with hormonal imbalances, stress, inflammation, anxiety, or gut problems, we offer a friendly ear, empathetic advice, and top-quality supplements to support you.


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Functional Testing

Mainstream medicine can help with what can be seen clearly – a broken leg, a bacterial infection, a laceration. But often, chronic health issues have to be treated holistically, meaning we need to find and help treat the underlying causes rather than simply treating symptoms and healing the obvious.

Functional testing is invaluable in discovering exactly what is going wrong. Once we can determine the dysfunction, we can begin addressing it.

Urban Herbalist offers the following accredited functional tests, and more:

functional testing

Top Quality Products

We stock premium practitioner-grade supplements to achieve the best possible outcomes. We offer a range of products from several different companies that are designed specifically for your health needs. This allows us to remain unbiased and objective - recommending the best option for your individual circumstances.

From practitioner-only products to custom herbal blends and natural skincare options, our highly-trained team help provide products to support and maintain your health and wellbeing. We do this both in-store at our Remuera, Auckland location, and online.

quality products

Empathetic, Friendly, Accredited Practitioners

We offer comprehensive Naturopathic and Holistic Health Consultations with NZ registered naturopaths, nutritionists, or integrative pharmacists.

Our team work together to create an integrative approach, and we constantly research and upgrade our knowledge. We care about each and every one our patients and go the extra mile to listen to you, always having your best interests at heart.

Online Consultations

As well as one-on-one consultations in-store, we offer online naturopathic and nutritional consults and support, including free deliveries and follow-ups. Whatever your health and wellbeing needs, pop into our store if you are in the area, or book yourself a free 15-minute consultation via telephone or email today.

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