We are a team of dedicated professionals working within a natural and integrative framework that have a strong commitment to helping you achieve your health goals.

We offer you:

Naturopathic Consultations

We offer full naturopathic consults with our Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Joanna Vinsen. The consultation room is located by the front entrance. To make a booking, simply click the link below.

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Outside of Auckland?

We also offer consultations via Skype - they are booked they same way as a normal booking, just mention that you would like have your consultation via Skype.

Herbal Dispensary

We are able to fulfill herbal prescriptions and remedies with our herbal dispensary.

Fitgenes Health & Wellness Genetic Profile

Fitgenes advanced genetic testing tests for 58 separate genetic variations, which help you identify predisposition for future illnesses, and more importantly, what you can do to prevent them, including changes to diet, exercise, food, and nutrients you need in order to live a long, health life. 

D.U.T.C.H Hormonal Profile 

  • The DUTCH test, which uses dried urine, is the easiest and most comprehensive test for anyone considering bioidentical hormone therapy, or suspects they might have a hormone issue.

  • The test is done four times in a day, and the strips are then used to give you a complete hormone panel, including metabolites, effectively replacing multiple testing methods.

  • They also give you your Adrenal Hormone profile, allowing your cortisol levels to be accurately assessed for better treatment options.

Food Intolerance Testing

We have a range of food intolerance tests , including the Food Detective Kit , which is a done via blood sample, with results in 40 minutes.